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LA Dance Company

Joining Company

How Do I Join The Company? 
Placement on the LA Dance Company is by audition only. Auditioning does not guarantee that a child will be placed in Company. Auditions are held every year during the spring. Lacey will issue invitations to those students who she feels might be a good fit for the Company.

During the audition, students will be required to demonstrate their technique abilities in various dance styles (primarily in ballet, jazz, and tap). Students will also be assessed on their ability to rapidly learn and execute new choreography and will be expected to show their understanding of commonly-used dance terminology. Other factors - such as the student's attendance and payment history during the prior year - will also be taken into consideration during the selection process 

What Are The Audition Requirements? 
Please speak with Lacey to receive an overview of specific audition requirements for Company.

How Much Will This Cost? 
Being a member of Company does require a much higher financial commitment than a regular recreational dancer. Monthly tuition costs will be higher because members are required to take multiple weekly classes. They will need to purchase more costumes because of the number of routines they perform as well as team apparel/gear. The bulk of the expense, though, is related to event fees and travel expenses. These may total $2,500 or more each year. Fundraising opportunities will be available to assist families in covering these costs, but Company families should be prepared for the possible costs prior to auditioning.

Company Guidelines

Company members and their parents are required to sign a contract at the beginning of every season. This agreement covers the main rules that all members must follow. Dancers should not audition for Company unless their families are certain that they will be able to meet all of the demands outlined here.

All Company members will be required to take multiple classes per week as assigned by Lacey.

Company members are required to participate in numerous competitions and conventions throughout the year. These are 1-3 day weekend events which may involve out-of--town, overnight travel. They are also required to participate in all LA Dance performances throughout the year.

It is absolutely essential for all Company members to practice their choreography as well as working on their conditioning/stretching outside of class. They should always be working on the goals set for them as individuals and as a team. Without this extra effort, progress cannot be made. Dancers who fall too far behind in these areas or who aren't making appropriate effort in class may be removed from dances or Company altogether.

Attendance Is Priority Number One 
Unexcused absences are unacceptable for Company members. Even a single unexcused absence may result in dismissal from Company. Excused absences are limited to one every ten weeks. More than one may result in immediate dismissal. In most cases, you can schedule a make-up private before the next class that was missed. Your account will be charged for the private at the current rate. Any extra Company rehearsals scheduled by Lacey are also mandatory.

Maintain An Optimistic Attitude
All Company members must come to class with positive attitudes. They will respect their teachers and teammates. There is a zero tolerance policy for negativity and bullying. When the Company travels to competitions, conventions, or any other performances as representatives of LA Dance, all students and their families must maintain these positive attitudes toward each other and all other dancers, their studios, and families. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate dismissal from the Company and possible dismissal from the studio.

Account Balances 
It is crucial that every Company member meet all payment deadlines throughout the season. The studio receives early registration discounts for events they will be attending. If these registration deadlines aren't met, the fees go up significantly. Failure to make all payments on time might result in the member having to sit out an event or be held responsible for all extra charges incurred by the delay.

Company members will receive their event fee totals for the year during the first meeting following auditions. A $500 deposit will be due in July. The remainder of the balance will be split into 6 monthly payments from August through January.

Summer Class 
Company members must attend at least one summer intensive each year as assigned by Lacey.

Zero Tolerance For Drugs & Alcohol 
Company members are expected to serve as role models for their studio and community at all times. Any evidence otherwise will result in immediate dismissal from the team. 

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