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LA Dance Company

What Is Company?

At LA Dance we recognize that some students have the drive and ability to pursue a more disciplined, riqorous and competitive dance environment. As a result, we provide the LA Dance Company for those with the desire to take their craft to a a higher level.

Membership on Company is by audition only and requires a tremendous commitment on the part of dancers and their families. Anyone considering participation should carefully read the information below prior to auditioning. 

How Do I Join The Company? 
Placement on the LA Dance Company is by audition only. Auditioning does not guarantee that a child will be placed in Company. Auditions are held every year during the spring. Lacey will issue invitations to those students who she feels might be a good fit for the Company.

During the audition, students will be required to demonstrate their technique abilities in various dance styles (primarily in ballet, jazz, and tap). Students will also be assessed on their ability to rapidly learn and execute new choreography and will be expected to show their understanding of commonly-used dance terminology. Other factors - such as the student's attendance and payment history during the prior year - will also be taken into consideration during the selection process 

What Are The Audition Requirements? 
Please speak with Lacey to receive an overview of specific audition requirements for Company.

How Much Will This Cost? 
Being a member of Company does require a much higher financial commitment than a regular recreational dancer. Monthly tuition costs will be higher because members are required to take multiple weekly classes. They will need to purchase more costumes because of the number of routines they perform as well as team apparel/gear. The bulk of the expense, though, is related to event fees and travel expenses. These may total $2,500 or more each year. Fundraising opportunities will be available to assist families in covering these costs, but Company families should be prepared for the possible costs prior to auditioning.

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Registration Is Now Open For Our 2024-2025 Classes. Sign Up Today To Secure Your Spot!

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