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Registration for the 2019-2020 dance season is now open!  Use the link below for a copy of our registration form which allows you to type in your responses before printing if you'd like.  A copy of the 2019-2020 Class Schedule is also linked so that you can decide which classes you'd like you child to be part of.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the studio for help!  You will need to meet with Lacey at the studio to finalize the registration process - she has to approve student participation in different classes.  Stay tuned for details on dates/times Lacey is setting up specifically for this.

Studio Resources for Parents

NOTE: Make sure that you read in full the Studio Policies & Procedures information below before you commit to becoming a part of the studio.

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At LA Dance, we believe that dance instruction should be enjoyable, built on a solid technical foundation, inspire creativity, and match each individual's goals.  In order to be able to provide a warm, encouraging environment, we ask that all students and parents observe the following studio policies and procedures.

Attitude and Behavior
LA Dance provides a positive and safe environment for your child to experience dance.  We have a zero tolerance policy regarding negative behavior exhibited by any student or parent.  Violation of this policy will result in a student’s automatic and permanent withdrawal from LA Dance.  If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding behavioral issues at the studio, they are to be addressed with studio management in person and in private.

Tuition & Other Fees
Tuition for LA Dance classes is due on the 1st day of every month.  After the 8th day of the month, your account will be charged a $25 late fee.  Accounts will continue to be billed until the studio is officially notified that a student has been withdrawn.  Costs for costumes, shoes, competition/event fees, etc. must be paid for in a timely manner.

Payment Methods

You may pay by cash, check, or debit/credit card.

  • Credit/debit cards may be used for payments via the Square app. Keep in mind, though, that a 3% service charge is added to each transaction.
  • If you are making a payment in cash, you must put it in a payment envelope (which may be found at the front desk) and completely fill out the front.  Doing so ensures that we know who paid the money and what exactly it is for.
  • If you are making a payment by check, please make sure that you write in the memo line what the payment is for.  Also, any returned checks will be assessed with a $35 fee.

Class Absences
If a student is unable to attend class, the parent is expected to notify the studio as soon as possible.  If our voicemail is reached, please leave a detailed message.  Please be advised that you will not be reimbursed for tuition paid for missed classes.

  • Vacation and Emergency AbsencesLA Dance understands that emergencies can arise making it impossible for a student to attend class.  In these situations, please notify the studio as soon as possible so that any necessary arrangements can be made.  If you know that your family will be out of town for a vacation causing your child to miss class, please notify the studio prior to leaving.
  • Absence Due to IllnessIf your child is sick, they are still encouraged to attend their classes at least to observe (unless they are contagious).
  • Absence Due to InjuryIf your child has an injury and is unable to participate in their classes, they should still attend to observe.  Your child will not be allowed to participate in any classes or performances without a doctor’s note releasing your child to return to such activities.
  • Absence Due to Other Sports/ActivitiesLA Dance encourages students to participate in other sports and activities as long as they do not interfere with dance class on a regular basis.
  • Unexcused AbsencesIf your child is absent from classes for 3 consecutive weeks without any notification to LA Dance, your child will be automatically withdrawn for the remainder of the year.

Bad Weather
In case of inclement weather and dangerous driving conditions, please call the studio immediately.  If classes are to be cancelled by LA Dance due to bad weather, you will receive a message to inform you of such.

Refunds, Credits, & Transfers
All funds received for class tuition, costumes, shoes, competition/event fees, etc. are NONREFUNDABLE unless participation in an event is cancelled by LA Dance.  In the event that a student discontinues classes at LA Dance, all funds deposited will be forfeited.

General Studio Guidelines & Information

  • No candy, gum, food, or drink is allowed in the studio at any time (with the exception of bottled water if needed).
  • Students must always wear their hair up during classes.
  • Students must always be dressed in appropriate dance attire and shoes during classes (see below for individual class guidelines).  Failure to dress appropriately or failure to have proper dance shoes will result in a student sitting out of class.  Multiple or consistent failures will result in the student's dismissal from class.  Parents will be called to pick up students immediately.
  • Street shoes must be removed before entering the dance floor area.
  • No cell phones may be used during class.
  • Students are encouraged to use the restroom prior to the beginning of class in order to avoid interruptions.
  • Students should arrive at class on time and must be picked up promptly after class is over.
  • Parents must park in designated areas as required by law.  LA Dance is NOT responsible for vehicles that are ticketed or towed.  LA Dance is NOT responsible for any damages to vehicles or for any items stolen from vehicles.
  • All students and parents must keep an open mind and a positive attitude.
  • ​All students must be respectful of teachers and other students.
  • Regular attendance to class is very important to your child’s progression.
  • LA Dance will be closed in observance of the following holidays:  Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day


What Do I Need For My Class?

Ballet – All students should wear tights and a leotard.  A ballet skirt or pair of tight shorts may be worn over the leotard.  Pink ballet shoes (or pointe shoes if applicable) must be worn.

Lyrical – All students must wear appropriate dance attire (tight-fitting exercise or dance wear).  Foot thongs or lyrical shoes must be worn.

Jazz – All students must wear appropriate dance attire (tight-fitting exercise or dance wear).  Black split-sole jazz shoes must be worn.

Tap – All students must wear appropriate dance attire (tight-fitting exercise or dance wear).  Black tap shoes must be worn.

Hip Hop – All students must wear baggy clothes, but NO JEANS are allowed.  Students should wear a pair of sneakers which are ONLY worn in the studio and never worn anywhere else.

Baton - All students are required to have a baton.  The baton instructor will measure the students during the first class of the season and will order the batons herself.

Shoes may be purchased at Payless, any dance apparel store or website, or you may see me at the studio to place an order.  Dance apparel may be found at many regular clothing stores, any dance apparel store or website, or you may see me at the studio to place an order.

Please make sure that you put your child’s name on EVERYTHING that is brought to the studio!!!