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Mini Performance Team

Students (ages 5 to 8) will explore the styles of ballet, tap, and jazz.

Junior Performance Team

Students (ages 9 to 13) will explore the styles of lyrical, tap, and jazz.

Senior Performance Team

Students (ages 14 to 18) will explore the styles of lyrical/contemporary, tap, and jazz.



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What if a dance student has the drive and ability to pursue a more disciplined, rigorous, and competitive dance environment but they are not ready or able to participate in the LA Dance competition team?  We are able to offer a compromise: the LA Dance Performance Team!  This is a great way to dip your toes into the world of competitive dance without the deeper commitment that comes with competition team membership.

While not as demanding as the competition team, membership on the LA Dance performance team does require a larger commitment on the part of the students and their parents. Before you make a decision regarding your involvement, you should carefully read the LA Dance Competition & Performance Teams FAQ document linked below.​

Things to Know about the LA Dance Performance Team:

  • Students must audition every year in order to be selected for the performance team.  Auditions are held in the spring (the date/time will be posted at the studio, announced in the newsletter, and posted on our Facebook page) and are open to LA Dance students at least 4 years of age with at least one year of dance experience.
  • Performance team members are required to take a Ballet Technique class in addition to their assigned performance class.
  • Performance team members may be required to attend extra rehearsals as needed throughout the dance season.
  • Performance team members are required to participate in a variety of local performances throughout the year as well as several small dance competitions in the Jackson, MS area (usually in Pearl or Brandon).
  • Performance team participation has a strict attendance policy and requires a higher financial obligation than that required for regular dance classes.
  • ​Performance team members are required to attend a summer dance camp/intensive during July.​