LA Dance is also proud to have Hayden Neal and Tyler Richardson on the staff.  Both of these talented ladies serve as instructor/choreographers with Hayden specializing in baton twirling.



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About LA Dance

Lacey Anderson Smith is the talented and dedicated owner, instructor, and choreographer of

LA Dance.  She has a background in dance training and instruction dating back

over twenty-five years.

Lacey began her dance career while growing up in Colorado.  She started taking classes in

1991 at New Century of Dance in Federal Heights, CO.  She was taught there by Pamela

Crosley (now Burnside).  Beginning in 1993, she was selected to participate on a competition

dance team and attended multiple competitions each year.

Also in 1993, Lacey began attending Joel Runner’s Dance Camp, a week-long camp with                                                         all-day classes and amazing staff members including: Marcus Alford, Annie Day,

Richard Walker, Linda Muir, Dena Rizzo, and Jimmy Peters (just to name a few).

From 1994-1999, Lacey attended countless workshops in order to advance her skills and

technique in tap, jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical, hip hop, hoof, and Irish step dancing.

In 1999, Lacey began training with Valerie Fortna at Denver’s Most Wanted Dance in Brighton, CO.  The following year, she
was selected to be a member of Northglenn High School’s dance team, "Strut." She continued to be a member of this team for all four years of high school.

Lacey became an assistant choreographer to Jennifer Ritchlin in 2002 and went on to co-choreograph the routine “Tainted Love” which placed 1st at Nationals in 2003.  She also demonstrated at DTC events for Jennifer from 2004-2006.  In addition, from 2007-2009, she taught many classes and was also trained at DTC in Thornton, CO.

From 2011-2012, Lacey was an instructor at Dance Etc. in Forest, MS before opening her own studio (LA Dance) in Newton, MS in June 2012.  Since that time, Lacey has proven to be an excellent instructor who possesses a wonderful rapport with children and is completely dedicated to the goal of creating a positive dance environment in which to provide quality instruction.

Additional Career Highlights for Lacey:
·        2000-2003 – attended UDA dance camps
·        2003 – selected by the Denver Nuggets dance team coach to perform with the team during the half-time show
·        2012 – attended DTU workshops in February and July
·        2014 – attended Rhee Gold seminar